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End the Excuses: Build a Home Gym in Your Basement

Gym memberships can be expensive. Taking the time to build a basement home gym lets you workout without the membership fees or the commute. Learn more about building a home gym in your basement.

To Your Health

It is no secret that regular exercise leads to a longer, healthier life. However, as you get older and start a family, your schedule gets busier and the regular visits to the health club slow down until they stop completely. Yet, as you get older and your life becomes more stressful you need regular exercise more than ever.

A homeowner with a basement can't use the busy schedule excuse if they add a basement home gym when they are considering a basement remodeling project. A basement home gym and regular exercise will benefit the entire family.

How to Begin Making Your Basement Home Gym

When you are planning your basement remodeling project with your contractor discuss constructing a home gym area. The remodeling contractor will have advice on issues such as:
  • Space...The room will need to be large enough to accommodate all equipment you may add in the future with adequate room around the various stations
  • Electrical connections for exercise equipment
  • Heating and cooling...An exercise area needs proper ventilation
  • Floors...You may want to install floors which can withstand heavy use
  • Cable connection...If you would like to watch television while exercising
  • Walls...A paint which can be cleaned easily might be a good choice

Your remodeling contractor will discuss these and other options with you. The location of the room in the basement and the size of the interior entry door will need to be thought through. Once your contractor has an understanding of your desires they will be able to provide you with a written estimate of costs. The estimate may be adjusted as needed to fit your budget restrictions.

Build a basement home gym area which will benefit the health and quality of life of your family. *

If you would like more information about basement remodeling, click here.

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